What do we do?

Below are a few of the main things that we are involved in – if we can help you out in any of these ways, please don’t hesitate to let us know:

CDs, DVDs, Booklets and other Resources

We produce a wide variety of different resources and more is coming. Nearly all of these resources are available on this website, and we are also willing to send you copies of them free of charge. We don’t want to charge for any of our resources, so if you would like copies of any resources for any reason, please just email us and let us know.

Evangelism & Evangelism Training

We are involved every week in Open Air outreach in Cardiff town centre, and have also got involved in doing door-to-door work around the church and elsewhere. We love getting stuck into preaching the Gospel to people, whether it’s in the streets or 1-to-1, and we’re also passionate about seeing other people get stuck in as well. We’ve run both Evangelism training days and training weeks over the past few years – a lot of the teaching is on this website. We’d love to do more than this, and if you think we can help you or your church out, then don’t hesitate to email us and let us know – we’d love to serve you.

Teaching & Training

One thing we know above anything else is that God’s Word is powerful – as it gets preached & spoken it changes and transforms lives beyond recognition. Our team have spoken at many different meetings in many different situations, and love challenging men & women with the unchanging truths of God’s Word – once again, if we can help you out, please email us.

CD & DVD Duplication

We are also able, because of the equipment we use, to do CD & DVD duplication for other Christian organisations, and to do it at a very low price. We do have to be selective about what we will take on or not, but if you think we may be able to help you then please do let us know by email.

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